Shield your protocol from systemic vulnerabilities

FlexiFi actively protects your liquidity suppliers from liquidation risk.

Over the course of last year, there were:

6 multi-million liquidation-day events
$150M+ assets liquidated
$7M+ fees paid by users to liquidators

Empower users to master DeFi with FlexiFi

Users value having control, especially when it can guard them against liquidation. Provide them with the tools to protect their assets using FlexiFi, and in turn, enhance the safety of your entire DeFi protocol.

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FlexiFi is a public good service for DeFi

Boosted Protocol Efficiency

As reliance on FlexiFi grows, protocol insolvency risk decreases, safeguarding your platform from dumping attacks and lessening liquidation cascades.

Maximized Profit Opportunities

FlexiFi turns all its users into good protocol actors. It reduces liquidations, allowing suppliers to retain more profits that would typically fall into the hands of liquidators. It’s security plus profits.

Enhanced User Experience

FlexiFi brings DeFi user-experience closer to CeFi. It provides tools for better protection against liquidation, which benefits both user and system, enhancing DeFi platforms’ reputation and user trust.

Effective Risk Management

FlexiFi is a catalyst for reduced protocol risk through the early de-risking of unsafe wallets, enabling more attractive liquidation thresholds and potential for harsher liquidation fees. More profitability, less risk.

Powered by Mangrove

Mangrove is the next-generation decentralized exchange that makes FlexiFi possible

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Over-collateralized loans? Let’s keep them that way.

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