Protect your lending positions, automatically

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Liquidations are never expected

Risk-prone wallets are swiftly liquidated when confronted with abrupt market fluctuations, triggering a rapid cascade that can spread to safer wallets, like yours.

Have your own insider agent

FlexiFi runs from inside the decentralized exchanges, on-chain. It monitors your positions and takes action to protect your interests when needed.

FlexiFi offers a broader set of protection measures than any off-chain solution ever could

Unlock your liquidity.

Get your collateral out of your debt positions! As long as you have some liquidity in an accessible wallet, FlexiFi will use it to repay your debt as needed.

Only sell what’s necessary.

Without funds to repay your debts, FlexiFi preemptively sells a small portion of your assets to improve your health factor and avoid liquidation.

Cheaper liquidations.

Times are tough. If your position is at risk of being liquidated, FlexiFi will handle the liquidation for you, saving you from those hefty 15% third-party liquidator fees.

Zero-trust & reliable.

Because FlexiFi runs on-chain, you can audit it yourself, and it runs without servers. It is as reliable as the blockchain it runs on, and doesn’t depend on some third-party to operate once deployed.

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